sábado, abril 24, 2010

Just don't

Just don't [Danni Carlos]

I'm waiting for you

Sitting on the couch
In front of TV
Trying to write you a note
Do not disturb
Is hanging on my door
Now I am lying on the floor

So don't talk
And don't laugh
And don't run away from here
And don't go messing with
Another girl
Without me

I'm still missing you
But I believe the things could change
I know what you've been trhu
I want to hear you call my name
Life is so short
I think I'm gonna fall
Now I am trying to brake the wall

De repente, eu estava ali, no avião, ouvindo meu iPod e daí me dei conta dessa música... e então percebi como ela se encaixava com o que eu estava sentindo...

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